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Eastern Ukraine: freedom of movement is vital to preventing isolation and favouring reintegration

04/07/2015 Kyiv
“The continuing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has a devastating impact on the life of communities in the vicinity of the contact line”, stated the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human...

The Commissioner calls on the Ukrainian Parliament to secure the independence of the Ombudsman institution

29/05/2015 Strasbourg
Today the Commissioner published a letter addressed to Mr Volodymyr Groysman, Chairperson of the Parliament of Ukraine, expressing his concerns about the legislative proposal aimed at annulling the...
Media freedom

Commissioner Muižnieks calls for unhindered broadcasting of ATR TV

02/04/2015 Strasbourg
Commissioner Muižnieks is concerned about reports that the Crimean Tatar ATR TV has been forced to stop broadcasting in Crimea.  Current obstacles placed by the authorities to the work of ATR and...
Opinion editorial

Eastern Ukraine: the humanity behind the headlines

18/12/2014 Strasbourg
The government in Kyiv, aid organisations and the international community must work together to address the humanitarian crisis created by the fighting in the east.
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Conflict in eastern Ukraine has dire impact on human rights

08/12/2014 Strasbourg
“The armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has had devastating effects on the human rights of the population. The humanitarian situation is also extremely difficult and people continue to suffer...
Report on mission to Kyiv, Moscow and Crimea

In Crimea serious human rights violations and attacks on minorities and journalists require urgent action

27/10/2014 Strasbourg
Report “All cases of serious human rights violations that have occurred in Crimea[1] since February 2014, including the recent cases of abductions, must be effectively investigated and those...
Mission to Kyiv, Moscow and Simferopol

Human rights abuses in Crimea need to be addressed

12/09/2014 Strasbourg
“Cases of serious human rights violations, including killings, enforced disappearances, severe physical ill-treatment and arbitrary detention in Crimea[1] since March 2014 have to be addressed"...
Letter to the Prime Minister

Ukraine: urgent action needed to protect internally displaced persons

17/07/2014 Strasbourg
“I am deeply concerned about the situation of internally displaced people in Ukraine. Many of the IDPs, who include women, children, and persons with disabilities, are traumatised by the...
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Ukraine: Crucial to pursue police and judicial reforms and address needs of displaced persons

20/06/2014 Strasbourg
“I strongly encourage the Ukrainian authorities to pursue reforms in the areas of law enforcement, the public prosecutor’s office and the judicial system. Ensuring effective investigations into...
Report on Ukraine

Ukraine: Fight against impunity and judicial reforms are necessary to improve human rights protection

04/03/2014 Strasbourg
"The dramatic events that have been unfolding in Ukraine since November 2013 brought to the fore a number of long-standing, core human rights challenges that the Government has to address, in...
Legal assessment

Ukraine: Commissioner Muižnieks to assess legislative changes

17/01/2014 Strasbourg
"Yesterday, several legislative amendments were adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament. The process took place with unusual haste; the amendments were tabled on 14 January and rushed through...
Freedom of assembly

Commissioner concerned about the situation in Ukraine

02/12/2013 Strasbourg
"I have been following with great concern the recent events in Ukraine. Freedom of assembly is a fundamental human right and as such must be always upheld by the authorities. Several cases of...
Report on Ukraine

Ukraine’s judiciary needs more independence

23/02/2012 Strasbourg
"Systemic deficiencies in the functioning of the Ukrainian judicial system seriously hinder the enjoyment of human rights. The authorities should take resolute steps to better address these...

Letter to authorities of Ukraine following Gorky Park protests.

[08/02/2011] Letter from Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, to Mr Mykhailo Dobkin, Head of Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, and Mr Hehadi Kernes, Secretary of...

Ukraine: Commissioner calls for urgent improvements of the human rights situation

[03/10/07 17:00] The Commissioner for Human Rights presented today a report on the human-rights record of Ukraine. He expressed the hope that the incoming government in Kyiv will implement his...