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Norway: people with disabilities and Roma need more attention

18/05/2015 Strasbourg
Read the report “Norway has a strong human rights architecture, but more attention should be given to the empowerment of people with disabilities and the full inclusion of Roma” said today Nils...
Visit to Norway

Recognise legal capacity of all people with disabilities

23/01/2015 Oslo
"Norway should recognise the legal capacity of all people with disabilities, including persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities” - said Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe...

Follow-up report on Norway

Follow-up report on Norway: Assessment of the progress made in implementing the recommendations of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. 2001-2005 CommDH(2006)10 / 29 March 2006

Report on visit to Norway

Report by Mr Alvaro Gil-Robles, Commissioner for Human Rights, on his visit to Norway (2-4 April 2001) CommDH(2001)4 / 19 September 2001