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Human Rights Comment

Access to registered same-sex partnerships: it’s a question of equality

21/02/2017 Strasbourg

There is a growing trend in Europe and beyond towards granting same-sex couples legal recognition for their relationships, which confers certain specific protections. The first country to provide “registered partnerships” was Denmark in 1989, while The Netherlands was first to adopt same-sex...

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Country visit

Monaco must consolidate the progress achieved in protecting the rights of children, people with disabilities and LGBTI persons

20/01/2017 Strasbourg

“Monaco has made significant progress in recent years in the protection of human rights. However, this progress must be consolidated by further improving protection of the rights of the most vulnerable, such as children, people with disabilities and LGBTI persons, and by strengthening the...

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Monaco: “More efforts needed to overcome discrimination and increase privacy protection” says Commissioner Hammarberg releasing his report

[11/03/09] "Monaco has made considerable progress in strengthening human rights protection. More efforts are now needed, in particular to overcome possible discriminatory situations and increase privacy protection" said today Thomas Hammarberg presenting his report on the Principality....

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Report on visit to Monaco

Report of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, following his visit to Monaco (20-21 October 2008) CommDH(2009)10 / 11 March 2009

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Council of Europe Commissioner Hammarberg to assess human rights situation in Monaco

[16/10/08 10:00] Prison conditions, measures against discrimination, and independent national human rights structure will be some of the main topics that the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, will assess during his two-day high-level visit to Monaco starting on...

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