Accreditation Accreditation

Journalists are asked to complete the on-line form to receive their accreditation.

Badges will be available at the main entrance of the Council of Europe on presentation of a form of ID. The badge must be worn and be easily visible.

Welcome desk Welcome desk

There will be a welcome desk for the press in the main hall. Journalists are invited to take all relevant documentation and submit interview requests there.

Broadcast Broadcast

Debates in the hemicycle will be broadcast live on the web site, labs will be on V.O.D:

press room press room

The press room is open at 9am on Wednesday 18 November (2nd floor, Palais de l’Europe).

Every workstation has a telephone, a computer and a pigeonhole. Journalists must go to the press room reception to make sure a workstation is reserved for them for the duration of the event.

The telephone can be used for internal calls (4-digit numbers). Outside callers can contact you directly on +33 (0) 3 90 21 followed by the desk number, which also starts with 57.

Debates in the hemicycle can be followed from the workstation.

Radio/TV studio Radio/TV studio

TV, radio and multimedia studios are available for journalists for live broadcasts or recordings, including for social media and other websites. Any request for a studio, cameraman or editing support, please contact in advance.

MediaBox MediaBox

The MediaBox is a communication tool for journalists, participants in the World Forum for Democracy and a number of key representatives. It is a mobile multimedia resource studio which can be used for live radio interviews as well as television interviews.

It is located close next to the hemicycle – which means interviews and recordings can be carried out without logistical constraints.

Opening hours:

  • Wednesday 18 November: 2pm – 6.30pm
  • Thursday 19 November: 9am – 6.30pm
  • Friday 20 November: 9am – 6.30pm

MediaBox recordings are available in a number of formats:

Files which can be downloaded onto our servers (mpg2, mpg4, mp3, wav);
Links which can be incorporated into your websites (fichier.wmv + H264).

For any requests, please contact: or book a slot on the spot.

All of these facilities are available free of charge. Participants can also use this tool at their press contacts.

Photography Photography

Photographic coverage of the participants is available during the plenary sessions. For workshops, photographs will be taken on demand. Please contact

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