Strasbourg 5-11 October 2012

World Forum for Democracy

News - Wednesday 10 October 2012

La société civile, acteur principal du Vivre ensemble

2012-10-11T02:54:00 Strasbourg,  10 octobre 2012, Les discriminations sont un obstacle majeur pour la réalisation du Vivre ensemble et la création d'une véritable société...

Responsible leadership

2012-10-16T12:58:00 Democracy needs leaders who will act in the interest of the community in the widest possible meaning of this word. Political leaders should act in the collective...

Is representative democracy in crisis?

2012-10-10T02:31:00 Strasbourg,  10 October 2012, Summary of the debate: If in ancient Greece, democracy was perceived as a response to crisis situations, today, 2600 years...


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