Les symboles du Conseil de l'Europe

The Council of Europe's symbols

The European flag and the European anthem were chosen and adopted by the Council of Europe before also becoming symbols of the European Union. They are now the emblems of a shared European identity.


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The European Anthem

The Council of Europe makes available to professionals and the general public recordings of different interpretations of the European Anthem. These recordings are extracts from the "Rhapsodie sur l'Hymne Européen" by the French composer Christophe Guyard. They were commissioned by the Council of Europe for use in documentaries, news and other programmes covering the Council of Europe.

On this site you can find jingles, extracts of various lengths, as well as the European Anthem and the full-length version of the Rhapsodie, performed by the SWR Symphony Orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg, conducted by Roland Kluttig.

The "Rhapsodie sur l'Hymne Européen", is a protected work. It is not copyright-free, since it is registered with Sacem (France). The composer is Christopher Guyard.

Below you can find classical versions of the European Anthem, played on piano and on pipe organ.

Listen to the Anthem played by the Orchestra

The piano version

The pipe organ version


To listen to other adaptations of the European Anthem, please click on this link

The Council of Europe makes recordings of various interpretations and versions of the European Anthem available to radio, television and other media and the general public. The service is free but as these different works are protected their use and/or public broadcasting is subject to the payment of performing rights to Sacem (France). For all applications, please contact the following address: Alun.Drake@coe.int