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El Consell d’Europa ha acollit un gran nombre de personalitats de diferents nacionalitats i confessions. Aquests homes i aquestes dones que han estat o són portadors de projectes polítics, socials o culturals, il•lustren la dinàmica i els valors que, des dels anys 50, presideixen els treballs del Consell d’Europa

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Sa majestat Juan Carlos [1938 - ]

Rei d'Espanya

8 d'octubre de 1979

quote8 d’octubre de 1979 No hi ha cap dificultat que no puguem superar si tenim la determinació i la imaginació necessàriesquote

El seu discurs : [Versió original]

...Mr President, the unity of Europe and of Europeans is a reality which existed before plans for European union. We Europeans have been aware of it throughout our chequered history. It was this view of European society which induced Francisco de Vitoria to study in Paris and Juan Luis Vives to teach in Louvain and Oxford, while El Greco painted in Toledo and Domenico Scarlatti composed in Madrid, to mention only a few examples from my country. The European fact is the basis for a European plan, a European design. It is to this that the European organisations respond, toward this that the oldest of them, the Council of Europe, directs its efforts, well aware that, in the words of Robert schuman,''Europe, before becoming a military alliance or an economic entity, must be a cultural community.''

Much remains to be done in the task of building up Europe. We still have a long road to travel, strewn with obstacles and intersected by crossroads. The important thing is that we have decided to take this road and to follow it, all of us together, since there is no difficulty that we cannot overcome if we show the necessary determination and imagination.

And with man as the starting-point and ultimate goal...

As was said by Miguel de Unamuno - a Basque, a Spaniard, a European and a universal figure - ''The final purpose of history and of humanity is man, every man, every one of us... The individual is the ultimate aim of the universe. We who are Spaniards feel this in our hearts''...