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El Consell d’Europa ha acollit un gran nombre de personalitats de diferents nacionalitats i confessions. Aquests homes i aquestes dones que han estat o són portadors de projectes polítics, socials o culturals, il•lustren la dinàmica i els valors que, des dels anys 50, presideixen els treballs del Consell d’Europa

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Heinrich von Brentano [1904 - 1964]

Ministre d’Afers Exteriors d'Alemanya

14 de gener de 1953

quote 1La primera institució europea que s’ha compromès en la via de la creació d’una autoritat política europeaquote 2

El seu discurs : [Versió original]

Mr. President, the Council of Europe has played a prominent part in the development of the work whose conclusions I now have the honour of putting before you. It was the first European institution to pave the way for the creation of a European Political Authority. As far back as its First Session in August-September, 1949, the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe declared unanimously that the aim of the Council of Europe was the establishment of a European Political Authority with limited functions but real powers.

From the outset, therefore the Consultative Assembly sought to amend the Statute of the Council of Europe. Its discussions on the need for constitutional changes did not represent a mere splitting of hairs but were a serious attempt to find a formula for a genuine union – and meant continuous investigation of the political possibilities existing in this field.