Les symboles du Conseil de l'Europe

The Council of Europe's symbols

The European flag and the European anthem were chosen and adopted by the Council of Europe before also becoming symbols of the European Union. They are now the emblems of a shared European identity.


The European Anthem

To satisfy every European’s musical taste, you will find below more adaptations of the European Anthem. All of these different versions are protected and not copyright-free.

« Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen », by Christophe Guyard, performed by the SWR Symphony Orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg, conducted by Roland Kluttig :

Jingle (00.21)
Slow version (01.11)
Anthem and final (01.56)
Full version (06.47)

« Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen », by Christophe Guyard, performed by Thierry Huillet :

Piano, jingle (00.24)
Piano, slow version (01.20)
Piano, anthem and final (01.44)
Piano, full version (06.14)

«Rhapsodie sur l’Hymne Européen » , by Christophe Guyard :

Pipe Organ*, jingle (00.24)
Pipe Organ*, slow version (01.18)
Pipe Organ*, anthem et final (02.01)
Pipe Organ*, full version (04.55)

*Pipe Organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, Palace of Arts - Budapest, Hungary; entirely virtualised by Inspired Acoustics

Hip-hop version, by Florian Müller (03.50)

Trance version, by Florian Müller (03.50)

Techno Version, by Maurice Steinecker (02.20)

Session with Joy, by Johannes Mössinger, performed by J. Mössinger, Peter Streicher and Matthias Daneck (04.00)

Electric guitar version, by Bertrand Vigier:

Short version (00.13)
Long version (01.10)

Jazz violin version, by Bertrand Vigier and Pascal Beck, performed by Sophie Duranton and Pierre Lange:

Short version (00.12)
Long version (00.38)

Big Band version, by Pierre Lange and Bertrand Vigier, performed by Pierre Lange, Joe Krenker and Jean-Gilles Charvot:

Version 1 (01.22)
Version 2 (00.09)
Version 3 (00.35)

European Hymn in Romani Variations: CD launched on the 20 November 2007

Roma version by Esma Redzepova
Roma version by Kal
Roma version by R. Point
Roma version by Yorgui Loeffler
Roma version by Grupi folklorik Rome nga Shqiperia