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Numerose personalità di ogni nazionalità e credo religioso sono state ospiti del Consiglio d’Europa. Questi illustri protagonisti del nostro tempo, uomini e donne che hanno spesso svolto un ruolo incisivo per la realizzazione di progetti in ambito politico, sociale o culturale, rispecchiano il dinamismo e i valori che hanno guidato fin dagli anni ’50 le attività del Consiglio d’Europa.

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François Mitterrand [1916 - 1996]

Presidente della Repubblica francese

5 maggio 1989

quoteThe freedoms, all the freedoms; human rights, all human rightsquote


Europe’s identity, what gives our continent its impact in the world, rests on the values on the basis of which the Council of Europe has developed its action. I would say simply, like you and after you: the freedoms, all the freedoms; human rights, all human rights. How, in this year when we are celebrating the bicentenary of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, could we fail to salute the decisive progress represented, with the European Convention on Human Rights, by the unprecedented possibility afforded to each and every European citizen to arraign his own state before an international court of justice, the European Court of Human Rights?

This machinery is being constantly improved, whether we consider procedures or the actual convention. I am thinking for example of the prevention of torture, a convention on which was signed in 1987.

We know, of course, that serious breaches still occur in our continent of what we regard as inalienable rights. Our free countries must show solidarity in condemning those breaches, brooking no argument, and demanding that they cease. It is up to the Council of Europe, in this most important field, to exercise constant vigilance, to set a moral example...