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Muchas personalidades, de todas las nacionalidades y de todas las confesiones, han sido acogidas en el Consejo de Europa. Estos hombres y estas mujeres que han sido portadores de proyectos políticos, sociales o culturales ilustran la dinámica y los valores que, desde los años 50, dirigen las labores del Consejo de Europa.

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Mary Robinson [1944 - ]

Presidenta de la República de Irlanda

26 de junio de 1994

quoteLa especificidad del Consejo de Europa es lo que le distingue de otras organizaciones internacionales, a saber, la preocupación por los valoresquote

Su discurso: [versión original]

...You bear responsibilities that could not have been imagined before the removal of the Berlin Wall: to contribute to the construction of a new visionary continent, stretching into the heartland of central and eastern Europe, and anchored by a common attachment to fundamental values. Success in this daunting entreprise will sow the seeds for future peace and stability on our continent and lead to an improvement in the democratic conditions of millions of people.

What makes the Council of Europe special, I believe, marking it out from other international organisations is its concern with values. At the centre of those values is the human being. From this everything else radiates. It is the leitmotif of the Council of Europe. In a true sense, therefore, the Council is the ethical and humanist dynamo of the developing Europe.

What better place to hook into the democratic network - that closely woven web of links, exchanges and mutual assistance in Europe in all spheres of human activity and at all levels - governments, national parliaments, local and regional authorities, volontary associations and individuals?

We need to listen to the narrative of each other's diversities so that we can draw strength and not weakness from our differences. In this unique campaign the swinging door of this Organisation is the most creative and forceful answer to the scourge of intolerance and its close ally – indifference.