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Muchas personalidades, de todas las nacionalidades y de todas las confesiones, han sido acogidas en el Consejo de Europa. Estos hombres y estas mujeres que han sido portadores de proyectos políticos, sociales o culturales ilustran la dinámica y los valores que, desde los años 50, dirigen las labores del Consejo de Europa.

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Su santidad el Papa Juan Pablo II [1920 - 2005]

8 de octubre de 1988

quoteSi Europa desea desempeñar un papel en la actualidad, debe basar claramente su acción, e la unidad, en lo más humano y más generoso de su patrimonioquote

Su discurso: [versión original]

...For centuries Europe played a considerable role in other parts of the world. It must be admitted that it did not always show its best side in its encounters with other civilisations, but no one can contest that it did felicitously share many of the values which it had matured over a longperiod. Its sons played a key part in disseminating the Christian message. If Europe today wishes to play a part, it must, in unity, calmly base its action on what is most human and most generous in its heritage.

An important token of the seriousness of that desire for peace and understanding may be seen in the quality of the welcome afforded to anyone arriving from elsewhere, be he a partner from the outset or someone compelled to seek refuge. Christians for their part, who are themselves endeavouring to rebuild their unity, wish also to show their respect for those of other religions present in their regions, and wish to maintain a clear and fraternal dialogue with them.

Peace depends on this respect for the cultural and spiritual identity of peoples. May Europeans found upon this conviction their disinterested contribution to the good of all nations...