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El Consell d’Europa ha acollit un gran nombre de personalitats de diferents nacionalitats i confessions. Aquests homes i aquestes dones que han estat o són portadors de projectes polítics, socials o culturals, il•lustren la dinàmica i els valors que, des dels anys 50, presideixen els treballs del Consell d’Europa

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Carlo Sforza [1873 - 1952]

Ministre d'Afers Exteriors d'Itàlia

18 de novembre 1950

quote 1El destí d'Europa es troba, en gran part, entre les vostres mansquote 2

El seu discurs : [Versió original]

Gentlemen, the fate of Europe is largely in your hands. You can, if you wish, become the successors, on this side of the Atlantic, of the men who in America are still called the Fathers. The Fathers sacrificed the wish for independence of the thirteen colonies and on 17th Sept. 1787 wrote the joint Constitution, beginning for the first time with the famous words "We, the people of the United States.''

What a wonderful day it will be for the whole world, but one which must come if we wish to remain free men, when we proclaim at Strasbourg "We, the people of Europe." It is almost superhuman to imagine it. Yet this event will decide whether Europe is to remain Europe or to become the miserable little unknown peninsula of Asia which it was before the miracle of Athens and Rome.

I know that the task is enormous. But if your decide to undertake it, the grandeur of the task will determine the greatness of your deeds.