Committee of Ministers Chairmanship – Luxembourg: May - November 2002 

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Luxembourg Prime Minister in favour of a third Council of Europe Summit

Strasbourg, 26.06.2002 - Addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe today, Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, underlined the eminent role of the Organisation as the symbol of European identity.

Despite a stronger degree of integration between its 15 members, the European Union should not take itself for Europe, according to Prime Minister Juncker of Luxembourg, present chair of the Committee of Ministers of the Organisation. "The Europe we are aspiring to is the Europe of the pan-European Council" he said. In view of the complementarity between the two organisations, the Prime Minister underlined the necessity for the European Union to become, as such, a party to the European Convention of Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

Prime Minister Juncker also defended the idea of organising a Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Organisation before the end of 2003. With the perspective of the enlargement of the Union, such a summit should deal with the crucial issue of relations between countries of the European Union and those who are not part of it, but who nevertheless come together within the Council of Europe.

Peter Schieder, President of the Parliamentary Assembly, and Walter Schwimmer, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, expressed their satisfaction at this convergence of views.

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