Présidence du Comité des Ministres – Pologne : novembre 2004 - mai 2005 

(Version anglaise uniquement)

Manifestations organisées sous la présidence polonaise du Comité des Ministres du Conseil de l'Europe (novembre 2004 – mai 2005)

Warsaw, 14 May 2005 -extraordinary meeting of the Liaison Committee of INGOs.

Early 2005 - Warsaw, the date will be announced later : Conference "From the institutional to the family-based forms of childcare" organised by the Polish Ombudsman for Children

24 - 28 January 2005 – Strasbourg: Seminars, conferences and meetings organised by the Information Office of the Council of Europe "The evolution of the European system of human rights protection" – a seminar for Polish judges.

31 January 2005 – Warsaw: Presentation and promotion of the book "Gender mainstreaming" by the Government Plenipotentiary for equal status for women and men

March 2004 - November 2005 - Strasbourg and Warsaw: "Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Polish legal system" - series of seminars for judges

February/March 2005 – Warsaw: Conference "The Future of Democracy" organised parallel with the session of the Committee for Political Affairs in co-operation with the Polish Parliament

March 2005 - Warsaw: "Effective access to law and to justice for the very poor" – a conference organised in cooperation with the Ombudsman's Office

16-18 March 2005 – Warsaw: High Level Meeting of the European Ministers of Interior "Co-operation of Ministries of Interior in order to improve security of the European citizens".

April 2005 - Strasbourg: Conference organised by the Ministry of Justice on "Legal measures against lengthy proceedings. Introduction of effective remedy against the excessive length of judicial proceedings into the national legal systems –implementation of the judgement of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Kudła against Poland, in the Member States of the Council of Europe"

14-17 April 2005 – Warsaw : Conference organised by the Ministry of National Education and Sport on "Professional Perspectives of Educated Europeans - education for the European labour market"

15-16 April 2005 - Cracow: Conference organised by the Ministry of Health on "Patients safety as an European challenge" under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe

20-22 April 2005 – Warsaw: Conference organised by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration at ministerial level on the occasion of celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the "European Outline Convention on transfrontier cooperation between territorial communities or authorities"

21-24 April 2005 – Warsaw: Conference of the Ministry of National Education and Sport on "The role of non-governmental organisations in the field of Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC)"

25-26 April 2005 – Warsaw: Second European Conference of Judges organised by the Consultative Council of European Judges in collaboration with the National Judicial Council and Ministry of Justice on " Judiciary and media"

29 April 2005 - Cracow, Jagiellonian University: “Contribution of the CoE to the form and protection of social rights: Towards a universal ratification of Rev. Social Charter”. Conference under the patronage of the Chair of the Committee of Ministers of the CoE, MFA Mr. A. Rotfeld, Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Rector of the Jagiellonian University.

April – May 2005 – Warsaw: "European Blue - Young Generation" - an international exhibition of works of young artists organised in cooperation with Information Offices of the Council of Europe in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine

4-6 May 2005 – Cracow: Second Seminar of European Education Ministers on "Teaching remembrance through cultural heritage", organised by the Ministry of National Education and Sport

15 May 2005- Warsaw: "Europe of Citizens" - a conference and promotion of a book "Council of Europe, 1990 - 2005"

16-17 May 2005 - Warsaw: Youth Summit of the Council of Europe to be held parallel to the Third Council of Europe Summit

20 May 2005 - Warsaw: "Being a citizen in the changing Europe" - an exhibition and ceremony for prize winners of the "Europe at school" competition