Committee of Ministers Chairmanship – Norway : May 2004 – November 2004 

The Nobel Peace Prize Photo Exhibition

15.06.2004 - As the country hosting The Nobel Peace Prize each year, the Norwegian Mission is proud to present this exhibition about the Nobel Peace Prize, which gives the audience more knowledge about the Nobel Peace Prize during its more than hundred years existence, since its establishment in 1902.

Respected personalities from the 20th century, including Aung San Suu Kyi, Andrej Sakharov and Carl von Ossietzky are here presented in pictures and texts. The Nobel exhibition is accompanied by the photo-exhibition “Figures of peace” - photographs taken by the French photographer Micheline Pelletier. She has portrayed eighteen of the receivers of the peace prize, and the photos are describing the dreams and visions of peace that the peace price laureates carry.

Amongst these are Nelson Mandela, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev and Rigoberta Menchu. As a concrete example of conflict prevention and peace building efforts, the Nobel Peace prize is carrying some of the core values of the Council of Europe.

The exhibition will find place in the Main hall in the Palais de l’Europe from 21st of June until the of 16 July 2004.