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Autumn Session- Strasbourg
4 to 8 October 2004

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Jean-Guy Branger: ''Greater political parity would raise awareness of domestic violence''

Giovanni Di Stasi: ''We expect the Summit of Heads of State to yield a firm commitment to local democracy''

Paschal Mooney: ''Depriving half the population of democratic representation is unacceptable''

''Anything that affects Europe is also of interest to Africa” says Gertrude Mongella

Interview with Andreas Gross (03.09.04)
Interview with Tadeusz Iwinski (02.09.04)

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An urgent debate on the challenge of terrorism in Council of Europe member states as well as a joint debate on the political, human rights and humanitarian situation in the Chechen Republic are among highlights of the session of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), which takes place in Strasbourg from 4 to 8 October 2004.

Other items due for debate include the functioning of democratic institutions in Serbia and Montenegro and in Azerbaijan, the honouring of obligations and commitments by Armenia, as well as women’s participation in elections.

The accession ceremony for Monaco is also due to take place during the session.

Guest speakers include Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Crown Prince Albert of Monaco – who is due to address the parliamentarians just before the ceremony for Monaco’s accession – and the President of the new Pan-African Parliament Gertrude Mongella.

The annual enlarged debate on the OECD and the world economy will take place in the presence of its Deputy Secretary-General Berglind Asgeirsdottir. The Director General of the World Trade Organization Supachai Panitchpakdi will address parliamentarians during a debate on the Doha Development Agenda: world trade at a crossroads.

The Norwegian Foreign Affairs Minister and Chairman of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers Jan Petersen, the Organisation’s Secretary General Terry Davis, the President of its Congress of Local and Regional Authorities Giovanni Di Stasi. Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Alvaro Gil-Robles will take part in the debate on the situation in the Chechen Republic.

The first ever meeting of women members of the Assembly is also due to take place on the fringe of the session (Tuesday 5 October).

The other points of the Session...

6 October 2004
Judge elected in respect of the Republic of Slovakia (more...)
Konstantin Kosachev : ''We do not propose a choice between democracy and security'' (more...)
Murat Zyazikov supports voluntary return of refugees (more...)
Congress President calls for greater cooperation with the EU (more...)
Creation of caucus of women parliamentarians (more...)
Assembly President welcomes Tadic call to vote in Kosovo election (more...)
Every act of terror must be considered a crime against humanity, says the Assembly (more...)

5 October 2004
Serbia and Montenegro: ''Much has been done, but much remains to be done'' (more...)
Sub-Committee on the Middle East Statement on the situation in the Gaza Strip (more...)
Women on Waves: exchange of views with Assembly's Social Affairs Committee (more...)
Monitoring Committee demands from Tiraspol that harassment of children ceases (more...)

4 October 2004
Director-General of the WTO calls upon involvement of Assembly members (more...)
National parliaments should strengthen parliamentary oversight of WTO activities (more...)
President Alu Alkhanov: The situation in Chechnya is improving (more...)

Andreas Gross: Rebuilding confidence is the only possible solution in Chechnya (more...)

Situation in Chechnya: Resolving cases of forced disappearances is an absolute priority for Alvaro Gil Robles (more...)

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: I reiterate our strong commitment to the consolidation of security and democracy throughout our continent (more...)

Turkey fully deserves negotiations for EU accession, says Terry Davis (more...)

''The Congress stands ready to support Turkish efforts for further decen-
tralisation,'' says Giovanni Di Stasi (more...)

Monaco becomes the 46th Council of Europe member state

Jan Petersen: Council of Europe steps up action against terrorism (more...)

Terry Davis: Summit should provide a clear mandate for the future (more...)
Press conference

Press conference of Peter Schieder, Parliamentary Assembly President (more...)