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Spring session, Strasbourg - 26-30 April 2004

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Christine Muttonen
"Belarus must not be admitted to the Council of Europe until it guarantees freedom of the press!"

Michel Hunault
Towards a European Convention in the field of prison affairs
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Disappeared persons and the persecution of the press in Belarus, the honouring of commitments by Albania and Monaco's application for membership of the Council of Europe top the agenda of the Parliamentary Assembly's Spring Session.

There will be three urgent debates on Cyprus, on the situation in Kosovo and in Armenia. Reports on the strengthening of the United Nations, on euthanasia and on the situation of European prisons and pre-trial detention centres will also be debated.  

Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader (Tuesday 27), Netherlands Prime Minister Peter Balkenende and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers Bernard Bot (Wednesday 28), and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev (Thursday 29) are among guest speakers.

Monaco National Council President Stéphane Valéri, Kazakhstan Senate Speaker Nurtay Abikayev (Tuesday 27), and the UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Kosovo Harri Holkeri (Thursday 29) will also address the Assembly.

Other points of the session...

29 April 2004
The implementation of the ''Standards for Kosovo'' is the key to achieving stability (more...)
''Significant progress'' on Court judgments by Turkey but further steps needed, committee says (more...)
The Belgian town of Oudenaarde wins the 2004 Europe Prize (more...)

28 April 2004
Assembly calls for ''maximum pressure'' on Belarus over disappearances (more...)
Euthanasia: Assembly sends report back to committee (more...)
Assembly/European Parliament joint initiative for Prisons Charter (more...)
Walter Schwimmer calls on Czechs to remain Council of Europe active partner after entry into EU (more...)

27 April 2004
Nurtay Abikaev calls for Assembly assistance in fostering democracy in Kazakhstan (more...)
Assembly establishes political dialogue with the Parliament of Kazakhstan
''Your vote of confidence marks a victory for Monaco'', says Stéphane Valéri (more...)
Conditional green light for Monaco to join the Council of Europe
Presentation of Museum Prize 2004 to Turkish health museum (more...)
Ján Figel': ''We have to overcome the application of zero budget growth'' (more...)
Assembly to elect 18 judges to the Court, but defers election of three others (more...)
Matyas Eörsi: “We are against a no-see policy regarding euthanasia”
Assembly ratifies credentials of Serbia and Montenegro delegation (more...)

26 April 2004
Peter Schieder : ''We are deeply disappointed that a historic opportunity has been missed in Cyprus'' (more...)
Time for a European Migration Agency, say parliamentarians (more...)
Assembly elects two new Vice-Presidents (more...)
Assembly recalls basic principles of social security (more...)

Assembly positive opinion to protocol on biomedical research (more...)

Assembly acts to end international isolation of Turkish Cypriots (more...)

Albania: Assembly welcomes progress but continues monitoring (more...)

Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan is strongly committed to upholding European values (more...)

Harri Holkeri: Integration not segregation is the answer for Kosovo (more...)

Armenia: Assembly calls for peaceful dialogue without preconditions (more...)

''Renewed reflection about our values is now an urgent necessity'', says Jan Peter Balkenende (more...)

''The 3rd Summit will be an opportunity to reaffirm the Council of Europe's role'' (more...) Speech

Debate on the reform of the Court: Assembly's proposals (more...)
Interview with the President of the Court Luzius Wildhaber
File ''Reform of the Court''

Croatian Prime Minister outlines country’s European path (more...)