Parliamentary Assembly session : 23 – 27 September 2002 

''Combating the sexual abuse of children should be made a national cause in all our memberstates''

[27 SEP 2002] ''Our societies need to be shaken out of their inaction to fight this intolerable perversion, which affects children’s physical integrity'' said the rapporteur Fiorello Provera (Italy, LDR) at the opening of the debate on sexual abuse of children. ''This is a battle at every level of society: what is needed is a kind of supervision by society'', suggested Mr Provera, after pointing out that the problem was constantly growing (there had been a 23% rise in the number of cases over a two-year period) and had significant economic implications. The situation had become so intolerable that ''there should be no alibi for anyone who abuses children sexually'', and an attitude of zero tolerance needed to be adopted. Photo ©Gamma