Parliamentary Assembly session: 23 – 27 September 2002

''Combating the sexual abuse of children should be made a national cause in all our memberstates''

''Our societies need to be shaken out of their inaction to fight this intolerable perversion, which affects children’s physical integrity'' said the rapporteur Fiorello Provera (Italy, LDR) at the opening of the debate on sexual abuse of children. ''This is a battle at every level of society: what is needed is a kind of supervision by society'', suggested Mr Provera. Photo ©Gamma



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Report on Belarus: ''Severe democratic deficits''

Severe deficits of democratic government in Belarus, cases of missing persons and infringements of media freedoms will be debated on Friday 27 September, the last day of the Parliamentary Assembly Session



Growing repression in Belarus – Lukashenko under fire

Wolfgang Behrendt , leader of the German delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly and Rapporteur on Belarus, is fiercely critical of the way in which President Alexander Lukashenko and his regime are stamping on freedom of the press.



Prevention and legislation to fight violence in the home
''Domestic violence is a worldwide scourge and the first cause of death in women from 16 to 44 years of age'', Luxembourg MP Lydie Err told the Assembly today.


Racist propaganda: ''Same rules for the Internet as for other media''

The Legal Affairs Committee rapporteur, Ignasi Guardans, a Spanish MP in the LDR Group, is in favour of a protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime so as to get signatory countries to introduce legal provisions for countering racism and Holocaust-denial on the Internet




Herwig van Staa, President of the Congress : Situation in Moldova arouses concern

Full speech


Urgent debate on the threat of military action against Iraq

Interview with Guillermo Martinez Casan



European Day of Languages 26 September 2002

Press conference given by Walter Schwimmer - knowledge of several languages makes it possible to develop communication and mutual understanding among European citizens.

Peter Schieder addresses Assembly in Alsatian, Viennese and Catalan

European Day of Languages


Joint meeting Parliamentary Assembly – European Parliament: The real Europe does not belong exclusively to any single institution!

Declaration of European Parliament and Parliamentary Assembly Presidents

High level meeting European Union/Council of Europe


Protection of minorities in Belgium : a task for the regions



Presentation of the Europe Prize for 2002 to the Polish town of Gdynia


Assembly opposes ''exemption agreements''’ on International Criminal Court

Interview : Dick Marty, the Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur



Christa Lörcher : Military intervention in the Pankisi Gorge unacceptable

Interview and report


Assembly debates the future of the Kaliningrad region

Nordic Council President calls for urgent Kaliningrad solution - Full speech

Interview : Lara Margret Ragnarsdottir, Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur

Interview : Dimitri Rogozin, head of the Russian Parliamentary Assembly delegation


Council of Europe: Assembly’s decision on Yugoslav membership welcomed


Council of Europe and NGOs celebrate 50 years of partnership – Ceremony on Tuesday 24 September 2002


Lydie Polfer: 3rd Summit of Heads of State on Committee of Ministers' agenda

Full speech

Activities report


Captain Regent of San Marino calls Europe’s smaller states the depositaries of its history

Summary of the intervention


Clandestine migrants should not be deprived of their human rights and dignity

In his report, British member of parliament John Wilkinson calls for the introduction of a single and comprehensive pan-European instrument to ensure that millions of illegal immigrants in Europe are not deprived of their human rights. Photo ©AFP

Recommendation 1577 (2002)


Peter Schieder's press conference

Assembly session: Yugoslavia's membership request, Kaliningrad and Belarus on the agenda

Opening speech of Peter Schieder

Recorded press conference : video 1 and video 2


Peter Schieder presents compromise solution for a conditional go-ahead regards Yugoslavia's accession to the Council of Europe





Wolfgang Behrendt, leader of the German delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly and Rapporteur on Belarus

Ignasi Guardans, The Legal Affairs Committee rapporteur, and a Spanish MP in the LDR Group

Guillermo Martinez Casan, Rapporteur of the Political Affairs Committee

Lili Nabholz-Haidegger, Rapporteur of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Dick Marty, the Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur

Christa Lörcher, Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur on Georgia

Lara Margret Ragnarsdottir, Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur

Dimitri Rogozin, head of the Russian Parliamentary Assembly delegation


25 September

Richard E. Hecklinger

Outi Ojala

24 September

Lydie Polfer

Antonio Lazzaro Volpinari

23 September

Peter Schieder


Joint meeting Parliamentary Assembly – European Parliament – 24 September

Pat Cox

Göran Magnusson
Roman Jakic

Elmar Brok

Peter Schieder

50 years of international NGOs’ consultative status – 24 September

Lydie Polfer

Peter Schieder

Klaus Schumann

Daniel Zielinski


Walter Schwimmer, Council of Europe Secretary General

Peter Schieder, Parliamentary Assembly President

Lydie Polfer, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers

Pat Cox, President of the European Parliament

Outi Ojala, President of the Nordic Council

Richard E. Hecklinger, Deputy Secretary-Generals of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Giovanni Francesco Ugolini, Capitani Reggenti of San Marino (Italian version)

Antonio Lazzaro Volpinari, Capitani Reggenti of San Marino(Italian version)