Parliamentary Assembly session : 31 March – 4 April 2003 

Press conferences

Room 1 - Palais de l’Europe (2nd floor)

Monday 31 March

11 h 00

Peter SCHIEDER, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly President

Tuesday 1 April

10 h 30

Secretary General Walter SCHWIMMER - press breakfast

11 h 45

Armand JUNG (France, Soc) and representatives of IFHR, Amnesty International and Memorial on the situation in Chechnya

14 h 00

Terry DAVIS (United Kingdom), President of the Socialist Group

16 h 30

Malcolm BRUCE (United Kingdom, LDR), Rapporteur on the protection of sign languages in Council of Europe member States

Wednesday 2 April

12 h 00

6 members of the Chechen Parliament elected in 1997

13 h 00

Guennady ZIUGANOV (Russia, UEL) on « Freedom and Iraq »

15 h 00

Vladimir ZHIRINOVSKY (Russia, NR) on Iraq 

16 h 45

Rudolf BINDIG (Germany, SOC) on the situation of Human Rights in Chechnya

Thursday 3 April

11 h 45

Svetozvar MAROVIC, President of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro, Goran SVILANOVIC, Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro, and Dragoljub MICUNOVIC, President of the Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro

16 h 10

Simeon SAXE-COBURG GOTHA, Prime Minister of Bulgaria