Parliamentary Assembly session : 31 March – 4 April 2003 

The Council of Europe welcomes Serbia and Montenegro

Press release


Walter Schwimmer, Council of Europe Secretary General

Joseph Borg, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers

Peter Schieder, Parliamentary Assembly President

On the occasion of the accession of Serbia and Montenegro, the Council of Europe Secretary General, the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers and the President of the parliamentary Assembly today praised this historic event as an opportunity for the country to build a new future in the midst of Europe.

“Today, we add the missing link in the chain of our South East European member States. The road towards further integration into Europe is now open for the whole region,” Walter Schwimmer said.

The Foreign Minister of Malta Joseph Borg stressed that the country had overcome the worst and found the courage to leave the heritage of the past behind it.

‘’We are welcoming a country which is oriented towards Europe, and which is strongly committed to our common ideals’’ Peter Schieder stated.

‘’This is the day when we accept with strong determination all our commitments” President Marovic said and Foreign Minister Svilanovic added “This membership will make the foundations of our democracy stronger”.