Parliamentary Assembly session : 31 March – 4 April 2003 

Council of Europe parliamentarians call for an end to the hostilities in Iraq

[03/04/03] In a resolution adopted on 3 April, the Assembly condemned the military intervention in Iraq, which, in its view, was unlawful and contrary to the principles of international law, and asked the governments of the states involved to put an immediate end to the hostilities.

It expressed its concern that the war may undermine international cohesion against terrorism, strengthen radical groups and further destabilise the Middle East.

The UN should be given a key role in the post-conflict reconstruction, and Europe must act quickly and resolutely to relieve the suffering of the civilian population, help organise the post-war period and contribute to the stabilisation of the region, the Assembly said. It also re-affirmed its position accusing the Iraqi dictator of the worst violations of human rights.