Parliamentary Assembly session : 31 March – 4 April 2003 

Swiss Latenium Museum receives Council of Europe award

[02/04/03] The Prize has been awarded to the archaeological Latenium Museum of Hauterive (Switzerland) Tuesday evening at a ceremony in the Strasbourg Palais des Rohan.

Archaeology is ''an immediate key for understanding the common European heritage'', said Peter Schieder, President of the Parliamentary Assembly, when he presented the Council of Europe’s 2003 Museum Prize. ''Archaeology downplays differences and emphasises common points. It brings a message of peace and synergy, qualities represented by the prize'', said Michel Egloff, Director of the Latenium after receiving the award: a Joan Miró statuette, 5000 euros and a diploma.

The Latenium Museum covers 500 centuries of history in the region from the Mediterranean to the North See.