Parliamentary Assembly session : 31 March – 4 April 2003 

Giovanni Crema: ''A budget of 200m € is needed to achieve the goals of the Council of Europe''

[31/03/03] Giovanni Crema, the rapporteur for the Parliamentary Assembly's Committee for Economic Affairs and Development, has urged his fellow parliamentarians to convince their governments to increase the human and material resources of the Organisation, which will soon expand its membership to 45 countries. He made his comments during a debate on the 2004 budgets for the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly.

''The current budget of the Council of Europe is 175 million euros. If we really want to achieve the goals for which the Organisation and our Assembly have stood for more than 50 years, the budget should be 200 million euros''.

- Opinion 243 - Budgets of the Council of Europe for the financial year 2004
- Opinion 244 - Expenditure of the Parliamentary Assembly for the financial year 2004