Ministerial conference: Defining the way ahead for European cultural policy - Wroclaw, Poland, 9-10 December 2004 

Terry Davis: Our work in the field of culture remains fundamental

Photo: Terry Davis, Council of Europe Secretary General and Waldemar Dąbrowski, Minister of Culture of Poland (right)

[09/12/04] ''The Convention, drawn up in the early stages of the Cold War, was from the outset open to all European States willing to adhere. It became a sort of passage through the Iron Curtain and a stepping-stone for full membership in the Council of Europe,'' said the Secretary General today in Wroclaw taking stock of the achievements of the 50 year-old European Cultural Convention.

To meet the challenges of today, the new resurgence of the tension between cultural and religious diversity and identity, ''work in the field of culture remains fundamental'', he continued.

The Council of Europe would meet these challenges in ''building inclusive, stable, and peaceful societies based on shared values''.