8th Conference COMETH
Dubrovnik (Croatia), 25-26 April 2005
Council of Europe  conference of national ethics committees to address new challenges in bioethics

Meeting the challenge of changing societies was the theme of a Council of Europe’s Conference of National Ethics Committees in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 25 and 26 April (Hotel Argentina, Frana Supila 14)

The conference was opened by Croatian Health and Social Welfare Minister Neven Ljubicic and started with a discussion on eight years of the Bioethics Convention. There were also debates on preimplantation genetic diagnosis for immunocompatibility and the ethical implications for an aging society.

Day two looked at the way national ethics committee function and at their recent work, including surrogacy, prenatal screening for cystic fibrosis, assisted reproduction, disputed memories and a survey on informed consent in genetic research. There were also talks on worldwide intergovernmental action on bioethics.

Interview with Daniel Tarschys, Chairman of the Swedish Council on Medical Ethics and former Secretary General of the Council of Europe

Interview with Göran Hermerén, Professor of Bioethics at Lund University (Sweden) and President of the European Commission’s European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE)

Interview with Dr Neven Ljubicic, Minister of Health and Social Affairs of Croatia

Abstracts or texts of the presentations made by the rapporteurs
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Doc COMETH(2005) 2 Addendum
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