European Population Conference 2005 - Demographic challenges for social cohesion
Strasbourg (France), 7-8 April 2005
A conference on ''Demographic challenges for social cohesion'', organised by Council of Europe’s European Population Committee together with the organisation’s Parliamentary Assembly and its Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, will take place in Strasbourg on 7 and 8 April.

The aim of the conference is to involve political decision-makers in discussions on the impact of demographic changes – such as the changing nature of family groups, the ageing of the population and migration – on social cohesion. (more...)

Terry Davis: ''Our societies and economies should become more child- and family-friendly'' ' (more...)

Latest Council of Europe demographic report

The Council of Europe has published its annual demographic report 2004 covering 45 of its 46 member states – plus one European non-member country, Belarus - for year 2003. (more...)

Working documents
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Presentation of the 2004 edition of the report “Recent demographic developments in Europe”
Practical information
Charlotte Höhn, Chair of the Council of Europe’s Population Committee
Christian Brunhardt, Rapporteur on population questions in the Council of Europe´s Parliamentary Assembly
John Salt, migration expert and professor of geography at University College London (UCL)
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Recent demographic developments in Europe 2003 (January 2004)

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