René Cassin competition – 14 to 17 April 2003

Freedom of the press and children’s rights - themes of the 2003 René Cassin Competition

The nineteenth René Cassin European Human Rights Competition is taking place from 14 to 17 April 2003 at the Council of Europe. The competition involves mock trials in French based on the European Convention on Human Rights and is open to students of law and political sciences. This year, some 240 representatives of 60 universities from 20 different countries will lock horns on the themes of freedom of the press and children’s rights. (more...)


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College of Europe in Natolin wins 19th René Cassin European Human Rights Competition

A team of students from the College of Europe in Natolin (Poland) has won the 19th René Cassin European Human Rights Competition, beating the team representing the Quebec University in Montreal (Canada) in today's final, which was held in the Hearing Room of the European Court of Human Rights. (more…)

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Battling it out for human rights

Every year universities compete with each other in Strasbourg in a human rights competition based on their analysis of a fictitious case before the European Court of Human Rights. The René Cassin Competition has been held annually since 1985 and is organised by the association JURIS LUDI (“game of law”). It is sponsored by the Council of Europe and has established itself as one of the world’s foremost French-speaking mock-trial events. (more…)

Truth and fiction converge

Who has heard of the countries of Vedricovquia or Renevoria, the settings for the 2002 case? Probably nobody... the fictitious character of imagined situations being the rule. Yet the humour and fantasy in no way detract from the serious legal and scientific foundation of the René Cassin competition, with fiction and truth frequently coming together. (more…)

JURIS LUDI Association

The Association has some thirty members, all students, and all volunteers, who, on top of their university studies, are busy all year round with the selection of teams and jury members, arranging board and lodging for them during the competition week and, above all, ensuring the competition goes ahead smoothly. The Scientific Council, composed of law lecturers, Council of Europe officials, and barristers assists the association and ensures the competition maintains high legal and academic standards. (more…)

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