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The decision on admissibility in the case Bedriftsforbundet v. Norway (Complaint No. 103/2013) has been adopted

Bedriftsforbundet  v. Norway, Complaint No. 103/2013

[21/10/2013]  The complaint is submitted on behalf of Bedriftsforbundet, a business and employers organisation for small and medium sized businesses in Norway.

Bedriftsforbundet submits that the practice of requiring the membership of a particular trade union (the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union; Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund (NTF)) as a condition for taking up and holding permanent work in Norwegian public ports, and of the preferential treatment accorded to the members of the said union in the collective agreement governing work at ports, are in breach of the negative and positive aspects of the right to organise guaranteed in Article 5 of the Charter.

Complaint No. 103/2013
Decision on admissibility
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