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The Committee of Ministers agreed to hold the 125th Session of the Committee of Ministers in 19 May 2015 in Brussels, in the framework of the Belgian Chairmanship. 

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124th Session of the Committee of Ministers



The 124th Session of the Committee of Ministers was held in Vienna on 5-6 May 2014, at the Hofburg palace. The meeting was chaired by Sebastian Kurz, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Austria and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers.

Items on the agenda included:
- Council of Europe values and stability in Europe: current challenges
   a) State of democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Europe Report by the Secretary General
   b) The current crisis in Europe
- Securing the long-term effectiveness of the system of the European Convention on Human Rights
- Co-operation with the European Union
- The policy of the Council of Europe towards neighbouring regions

Following the morning sitting, an informal working session was dedicated to the situation in Ukraine.

At the end of the session, Sebastian Kurz presented the Conclusions of the Chairman.

The stocktaking of Austrias chairmanship over the past six months and the priorities of the Azerbaijani Chairmanship, which started on 14 May, were also made available.

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