Annual surveys of activity

The annual surveys of activity present staff disputes at the Council of Europe and the Council of Europe Development Bank and provide the overview, with figures, of administrative complaints and cases before the Advisory Committee on Disputes and the Administrative Tribunal.

flèche Annual survey of activity 2013

flèche Annual survey of activity 2012

flèche Annual survey of activity 2006



Latest decisions published on 28/04/2015 (soon available in English):
- No. 548-553/2014 - Clelia CUCCHETTI RONDANINI et autres c/Secrétaire Général
- No. 555-556/2014 - Geneviève MAYER et Fabrice KELLENS c/Secrétaire Général
- See the list of appeals
Latest appeal registered on 15/01/2015 : No. 561/2015 - Gyorgyi KACSANDI v. Governor of the Development Bank
- See the summary table of registrations


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