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[17/09/2002] Gunnar Jansson: ''Migration is a fundamental human right''
[16/09/2002] Harri Holkeri: Migration Conference aims to build framework for unifying goals and good practices
[16/09/2002] Walter Schwimmer: Integration is a central piece to migration puzzle
[04/06/2002] Peter Schieder : there is a clear complementarity between the activities of the Congress and the Assembly
[23/05/2002] Equal social rights for migrants to facilitate integration
[27/02/2002] Parliamentarians visit Sangatte emergency refugee centre
[25/01/2002] Assembly rejects two reports
[25/01/2002] Bring into line policies on right to family life for migrants
[03/10/2001] Secretary General calls for strategy to ensure migrants’ rights
[23/02/2001] Call for protection against expulsion of long-term immigrants
[23/02/2001] Cargo ship 'East Sea': the tip of the iceberg says the Migration Committee
[26/01/2001] Guaranteeing legally resident immigrants the right to vote
[14/09/2000] Security for long-term immigrants
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