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[10/05/2005] Official visit of a Congress delegation to Albania
[09/05/2005] Yavuz Mildon at the ''Club of Strasbourg''
[02/05/2005] The European Court of Human Rights delivers its judgment in the case of Öcalan v. Turkey
[25/04/2005] PACE session: highlights of Tuesday 26 April
[22/04/2005] Hearings in May
[22/04/2005] Judgments this week
[27/04/2005] The Next meeting of the Bureau of the Congress will be held in Antalya (Turkey) on 29 April
[08/04/2005] Judgments this week
[06/04/2005] The Court declares admissible the application lodged in the case of Xenides-Arestis v. Turkey
[05/04/2005] Human Rights meeting of the Committee of Ministers
[04/04/2005] Judgments this week
[01/04/2005] Turkey ratifies Additional Protocol to Agreement on Transmission of Applications for Legal Aid
[31/03/2005] Case of Adali v. Turkey
[24/03/2005] Judgments this week
[24/03/2005] Akkum and Others v. Turquie
[18/03/2005] Judgments this week
[17/03/2005] Case of Gezici v. Turkey
[14/03/2005] Judgments this week
[10/03/2005] Turkey ratifies European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production
[25/02/2005] Judgments this week
[18/02/2005] Judgments this week
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