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[07/11/2002] Fight against racism and xenophobia on the Internet
[31/10/2002] Council of Europe racism watchdog releases report on Portugal
[11/10/2002] ECRI and Romania side by side in the fight against racism and xenophobia
[03/10/2002] Bob Purkiss : ''Fighting racism now a priority''
[03/10/2002] Michael Head : ''Racism an unclean but constantly evolving beast''
[27/09/2002] Racist propaganda: ''Same rules for the Internet as for other media''
[22/07/2002] Four new reports on racism
[19/06/2002] Committee of Ministers reinforces the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
[11/06/2002] Ministers Deputies meeting
[29/05/2002] Ministers Deputies meeting
[17/05/2002] Racism and xenophobia on the Internet
[24/04/2002] Assembly asks for a law on gender equality in the media
[22/04/2002] Five new reports on racism
[19/04/2002] Parliamentary President Press Conference
[28/03/2002] Director General of Human Rights addresses UN Human Rights Commission
[20/03/2002] Lydie Polfer : ''We must step up our efforts to eradicate examples of racism''
[18/03/2002] ''Dialogue against violence'': A round table organised by ECRI on the occasion of the International Day against Racism
[13/03/2002] World Day against Racism: An ECRI round table on ''Dialogue against violence''
[13/11/2001] The Commission against Racism publishes new reports on the Netherlands and on the Russian Federation
[31/10/2001] Parliamentary Assembly Standing Committee : racism in cyberspace
[03/09/2001] Walter Schwimmer in Durban: stronger international human rights law needed to fight racism
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