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[22/04/2004] Seminar on role of migrants: actors and partners in development
[20/04/2004] Human Rights Commissioner to visit Sweden
[17/03/2004] Council of Europe Congress holds its Spring Session
[19/01/2004] Illegal immigration poses a threat to all immigrants warns Nicolas Sarkozy
[21/10/2003] Warn young people of dangers of clandestine migration, says Euro-Med Migration Forum
[09/10/2003] Violation of the respect for private life and home in a case concerning Latvia
[30/09/2003] Assembly calls for policies to help migrants and asylum-seekers
[24/09/2003] Interview with Ans Zwerver: local voting rights for all foreign residents
[16/09/2003] Adoption of the ''Stuttgart Declaration'' on better integration of migrants
[15/09/2003] The integration of migrants: van Staa speaks of progress towards municipal citizenship
[15/09/2003] Walter Schwimmer : Human rights safeguards apply equally to immigrants
[11/09/2003] Wolfgang Schuster: Immigration demands a long-term integration policy
[03/09/2003] Parliamentary Assembly Standing Committee meeting in Naples
[01/09/2003] Human Rights Commissioner concerned about practices in immigrant reception
[28/08/2003] Immigration contributes to economic and social prosperity says Walter Schwimmer
[24/06/2003] Brunson McKinley : Europe will remain a prime target for migrants
[10/04/2003] Maud de Boer-Buquicchio: migration and integration policies should be based on human rights principles
[27/02/2003] Round table on migrants' rights, hearing on migration from West Africa to Europe
[26/02/2003] Commissioner for Human Rights in the Czech Republic: End the ''ghettoisation'' of Roma/gypsies
[23/09/2002] Clandestine migrants should not be deprived of their human rights and dignity
[17/09/2002] Gunnar Jansson: ''Migration is a fundamental human right''
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